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Help, so desperately searching for this Peter/Harry fic. - Spider-man, Spider-man [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Help, so desperately searching for this Peter/Harry fic. [Feb. 23rd, 2012|05:53 pm]
Spider-man Slash
Hey, all. I'm not LOOKING for a fic, but, I AM looking for the LINK to one. So, I don't know if anyone out there has read "3 Kisses' by an author I cannot rmember (might have made it easier if I could have) on fanfiction.net? Basic premesis, exactly what it says. Three kisses shared between Harry and Peter. To jog memorys, one he, Peter, was drunk, one was when he was under Venom's power, and, as such, had a kind of creepy dub-connish air to it, and, one has them sharing ice-cream. Happy ending, them deciding to to try something for real between them. I am SO DAMN PISSED. Because, I thought, was so sure, that I saved a copy of this years ago, then, when I find out I did not, and, go to the favourite I had saved, it was deleted. So, please, please, pretty please with Peter, and Harry on top, if anyone knows of this fic on a new pafe somewhere, knows the author if it so I can get in touch, or, just has a copy saved, I beg of you, please send the information through. Pretty devastated right now, as, I loved this fic, so much, if you couldn't tell. I've cross-posted to both Spider Slash comms, and, Well, I hope to hear from anyone, LonePanther.